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Meet Our Guests

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Maya Angelou

Note: We recorded the interview with Dr. Angelou a number of months prior to her death.

Maya AngelouDr. Maya Angelou was one of the most renowned and influential voices of our time. Hailed as a global renaissance woman, Dr. Angelou was a celebrated poet, memoirist, novelist, educator, dramatist, producer, actress, historian, filmmaker, and civil rights activist.

The list of her published verse, non-fiction, and fiction includes more than 30 bestselling titles.

She was best known for her autobiographical books: Mom & Me & Mom (Random House, 2013); Letter to My Daughter (2008); All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes (1986); The Heart of a Woman (1981); Singin’ and Swingin’ and Gettin’ Merry Like Christmas (1976); Gather Together in My Name (1974); and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1969), which was nominated for the National Book Award.

Dr. Angelou served on two presidential committees, was awarded the Presidential Medal of Arts in 2000, the Lincoln Medal in 2008, and received 3 Grammy Awards. President Clinton requested that she compose a poem to read at his inauguration in 1993. Dr. Angelou’s reading of her poem “On the Pulse of the Morning” was broadcast live around the world.

Dr. Angelou received over 50 honorary degrees and was Reynolds Professor of American Studies at Wake Forest University.

Dr. Angelou’s words and actions continue to stir our souls, energize our bodies, liberate our minds, and heal our hearts.

Learn more about the life and words of Dr. Angelou at

Beth Banning

BethBanning-300Beth Banning is a best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and spiritual catalyst who is passionate about helping awakening entrepreneurs live and work on purpose. She has written numerous books including her recently published book titled, Interviewed by God, A Journey to Freedom.

From a very young age, Beth could sense the feelings of people around her, felt kundalini energy running through her body, and experienced other unusual events that she didn’t understand. As a young adult she recognized the same sense of confusion and loneliness in others and became passionate about helping people better understand themselves and those around them. Later in life she channeled this same passion into her work with her husband Neill and co-founded Focused Attention, Inc. Together they Co-created the Pathway to Personal Freedom, and the Art of Conscious Connection Seminar Series.

Beth now lives her life guided by her inner source of divine wisdom. She is committed to helping others discover this for themselves and fully experience the essence of who they truly are.

For more information about Beth Banning please visit:

Interviewed by God is spiritual and not religious book about Beth journey of awakening and the book is meant to be a mirror for the reader to reflect their own experiences back to them, and a gentle guide for those who are at the precipice of an extraordinary adventure and are either scared to jump or who hunger for answers and understanding. 50% of all the profits from the book are being donated to things that touch move and inspire!

You can find out more about it by going to


Don Beck

Don-BeckDr. Don Beck is a prototype for activists in the new millennium. His dedication to service and discovery has seen him become profoundly involved in global ventures that continue to grow in scope and gather momentum.
In 1981, having taught for 20 years, Dr. Beck choose to resign his professorship to dedicate himself to serving in the South African transformation process from apartheid to democracy. Since that pivotal point in his life, Beck has worked at the highest levels of social concern working behind the scenes to significantly impact political leaders, the business sector, religious leadership, and the general public in South Africa.

Dr. Beck is unique in that he moves freely between cutting-edge academic and scientific theories of value formation and change, and has a proficiency in implementing practical and highly effective change in the real world. He has inspired thousands of people toward a new experience of organizational and personal empowerment through Spiral Dynamics (Spiral Dynamics Integral), his unique values-based model that charts the evolution and emergence of human nature. Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi), concerns itself with the deep complexity codes that shape our many worlds. Beck has built upon Spiral Dynamics in the development of a powerful new conceptual system, called MeshWORKS: The Search for Human Cohesion in a World of Fragmentation, which enables the essential process of integrating, aligning, and synergizing resources, especially at the community and local levels, to meet the needs of people at different stages of development.

To learn more about Dr. Don Beck’s Spiral Dynamics Integral, please visit:

Michael Beckwith

Michael-BeckwithMichael Bernard Beckwith is the founder and spiritual director of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, California. He is a featured teacher in the film and book The Secret. In the ’70s, he began an inward journey into the teachings of East and West, and today he teaches universal truth principles found in the New Thought-Ancient Wisdom tradition of spirituality. Gifted with a vision of a trans-denominational spiritual community, he speaks to a congregation of more than 9,000 people weekly at Agape.

Described in What Is Enlightenment? magazine as a “nonaligned trans-religious progressive,” Michael shares his powerful conviction of creating the Beloved Community through his participation on international panels with other peacemakers and spiritual leaders, including the Dalai Lama of Tibet, Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne of Sri Lanka and Arun Gandhi. He is co-founder of the Association for Global Thought, an organization dedicated to planetary healing and transformation.

Michael is the originator of the Life Visioning Process, which he teaches throughout the country, along with meditation, scientific prayer and the spiritual benefits of selfless service. He facilitates retreats, workshops and seminars. His books include Spiritual Liberation, Inspirations of the Heart, 40 Day Mind Fast Soul Feast and A Manifesto of Peace.

For more information on Dr. Beckwith and the spiritual center, please visit

Lissa Boles

Lissa BolesWise & deeply skilled at making the mysterious magically make sense, Lissa Boles breaths fresh new life into the ancient art of astrology. Her contemporary take on it – Soul Mapping – allows anyone to see what their life purpose is and the plan their soul has for living it through inspired business.

She’s also able to reveal and track up-coming opportunities for growth and good-fortune, including the way to live each to optimum advantage, something that’s had many a client call her ‘The Purposepreneur’s GPS’.

Formerly CKDO Toronto, Canada’s Small Business Big Idea’s talk-radio co-host, Lissa has been working with astrological charts for over a decade. As a speaker, teacher, coaching consultant and Soul Mapper, she’s helped thousands make sense of their lives & their callings so they can finally step forward – free, confident and clear – and create the purposeful success they’ve always wanted. See more at

Stephen Dinan

Stephen DinanStephen is the CEO of The Shift Network, which serves 250,000 globally, and a member of the prestigious Transformational Leadership Council and Evolutionary Leaders groups. As the former Director of Membership and Marketing at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, he was the driving force behind the Shift in Action program and the One Minute Shift video series, which was seen by more than one million. He is also the author of Radical Spirit (New World Library), and a forthcoming book Sacred America. Stephen directed and helped to create the Esalen Institute’s Center for Theory & Research, a think tank for leading scholars, researchers, and teachers to explore human potential frontiers.

Find out more about Stephen and the shift network at:

Paul Dolan

Paul DolanPaul Dolan believes that business leaders can help make a better world, and he sees Mendocino County, California, as fertile ground to grow this vision. During his 27 years at Fetzer Vineyards, 12 as president, he led a transformation that put the company at the forefront of organic viticulture and sustainable business.

While Paul’s history in this county goes back decades, his family’s involvement in the wine industry extends back four generations through the Rossi and Concannon families. Growing up in Oakland, Paul spent a month each summer in Asti, Sonoma County, where his grandfather – Edmund Rossi – ran Italian Swiss Colony. “During the rest of the year, Granddad visited us in Oakland every weekend,” remembers Paul. “At our family table you could always count on great food and wine, and stories of the old days.”

As an undergraduate at Santa Clara University, Paul studied business and finance. Shortly before he graduated, he wrote a paper on the wine industry (advised by his winemaking uncle, Ed Rossi), and Paul’s family legacy came alive. In 1975 he enrolled in the Enology program at California State University, Fresno ultimately receiving a Masters Degree with honors. In 1977 Paul joined forces with the Fetzers, becoming the company’s first winemaker from outside the family. Together they grew the business to two million cases a year, regularly earning acclaim and awards for their wines. After the Fetzers sold their family business, Paul became president of the company under its new ownership.

Today, with Hurst, Dolan and Dolan and Paul Dolan Vineyards wines, he continues to break new ground. “We are clear about what we want,” says Paul, “ … an environmentally and socially conscious winery making great wines from The North Coast. Our farming practices are based on a deep respect for the health of the environment in which live and farm. Paul works with a constant focus on quality and expression of Mendocino terroir. “Every wine is a unique expression of a carefully nurtured piece of land, made manifest in each bottle,” says Paul. The Paul Dolan Vineyards brand is hand crafted exclusively from certified organic and Biodynamic® grapes.

One of Paul’s great passions is winegrowing at his family’s Dark Horse Ranch, east of the Russian River in the foothills near Ukiah. He and sons Heath and Jason chose this location because of its diverse natural beauty, dramatic terrain and deep red soils. It has been a family project and a labor of love to convert 70 acres of grapes into a certified Biodynamic vineyard. An earnest student of Rudolf Steiner (the father of the Biodynamic movement), Paul embraces Steiner’s premise that each piece of land has its own unique expression. The Dolan family is nurturing the land to capture that expression in the Paul Dolan Vineyards wines.

In 2004 Paul and his sons harvested the first Dark Horse grapes (Syrah, Zinfandel and Petite Sirah). The resulting wine, named Deep Red for the Red Vine soil series in which the vines grow, is a limited production, certified Biodynamic wine. “Dark Horse Ranch is my family’s home, where my sons and their children are 5th and 6th generation winegrowers in the mountains of Ukiah. We’re rooted here. I am part of the fabric of this place: the water, air, wine and food are part of me.”

Paul’s goal is to create a model for the wine business. In turn, he is determined to develop the wine industry as a model for all agriculture worldwide. “We are seeing a shift, an awakening, where people are taking a strong stand on the food and wine they consume and its impact on the environment. The greatest challenge in the world today is global warming. All of us, individuals and businesses, must do all we can to meet this challenge.” This is the message he delivers as an industry leader, winemaker, farmer and father.

Paul knows that sustainability is an economic asset and a competitive advantage, as well as an imperative for healthy life on this planet. He is spreading the word – for the good of business, the community and the environment.

A sustainable business should be a whole business, like a whole person. It must have integrity. It must have a moral center. It must be connected to its values and the greater world. It must aspire to do what is right, not just for the bottom line, not just from a legal standpoint, but from a moral and ethical standpoint. It’s not only accountable, it’s responsible. Paul Dolan, True to Our Roots, Fermenting a Business Revolution, 2003

Paul resides in Healdsburg, California with his wife Diana and daughter Sassicaia. He spends leisure time in his Mendocino County vineyards and on horseback at Dark Horse Ranch.

Find out more at

Michael Dowd

Michael DowdThe Rev. Michael Dowd is America’s evolutionary evangelist. A gifted teacher and preacher, Michael’s engaging presentations integrate empowering science with a passionate life-affirming spiritual message of hope and possibility. His bestselling, bridge-building book, Thank God for Evolution: How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World, was endorsed by 6 Nobel laureates and other science luminaries, including noted skeptics, and by religious leaders across the spectrum. Michael has been interviewed on science-and-religion issues for The New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, Discover magazine, CNN, Fox News, and ABC News. He blogs for The Huffington Post and Metanexus and has also delivered a TEDx talk and spoken at the United Nations.

Since April 2002, Michael and his wife Connie Barlow, an acclaimed science writer, have lived permanently on the road, teaching and preaching “the marriage of science and religion for personal and planetary wellbeing” to more than 1,700 secular and religious groups across North America. Their website is one of the best community empowerment tools in the conscious evolution/evolutionary spirituality movement, consistently generates nearly a half million hits per month! It is a leading resource for those working to heal the rift between science and religion, and for those envisioning a just, healthy, beautiful, and sustainably life-giving world for future generations of all species. Michael’s great joy is sharing the empowering side of a sacred science worldview in ways that offer practical tools for living and realistic hope for the future.

Find out more about Michael Dowd please visit:

Bill Drayton

Bill DraytonBill Drayton is the founder and CEO of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. Drayton has pioneered the field of social entrepreneurship, growing a global association of nearly 3,000 leading social entrepreneurs who work together to create an “everyone a changemaker™” world.

He has been a social entrepreneur since an early age — during his years as an undergraduate at Harvard and a law student at Yale, he launched a number of organizations, including Yale Legislative Services and Harvard’s Ashoka Table, an interdisciplinary weekly forum in the social sciences. In 1970, he began his career at McKinsey and Company in New York. From 1977 to 1981, Mr. Drayton served as Assistant Administrator at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, where he launched emissions trading (the basis of the Kyoto Protocol) and other reforms. In 1981, while working part-time at McKinsey and Company, he founded both Ashoka and Save EPA, the predecessor to Environmental Safety. With the support that he received when elected a MacArthur Fellow in 1984, he was able to devote himself fully to Ashoka. In addition to his current role as Chairman and CEO of Ashoka, Mr. Drayton is the chair of Youth Venture, Community Greens, and Get America Working!

Mr. Drayton has won numerous awards and honors throughout his career. In 1996, he was elected a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in recognition of his leadership in public service. In 1999, Common Cause awarded him its Public Service Achievement Award. In 2005, he received the National Wildlife Federation’s Conservation Achievement Award and was selected as one of America’s Best Leaders by US News & World Report and Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership. In 2006, he was recognized as being one of Harvard University’s 100 “Most Influential Alumni.” In 2007, he received the Duke University Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship’s (CASE) Leadership in Social Entrepreneurship Award, the University of Pennsylvania Law School’s 2007 Honorary Fellow Award, and the Goi Peace Foundation’s Peace Award. In 2009, he was named Honorary Fellow at Oxford’s Balliol College and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Yale University. In 2010, he received an Honorary Doctorate from NYU, as well as the Essl Social Prize, for his work creating and building the field of social entrepreneurship. In 2011, he received Honorary Doctorates from Babson College and Marquette University as well as the John W. Gardner Leadership Award from Independent Sector, the World Entrepreneurship Forum’s Social Entrepreneurship Award, and the Prince of Asturias Prize for International Cooperation, Spain’s highest honor. Most recently, Bill was recognized by the University of Pittsburgh’s Johnson Institute with the Exemplary Leader Award and by the Harvard Kennedy School with the Richard E. Neustadt Award.

Learn more about Bill at

Charles Eisenstein

Charles-EisensteinCharles Eisenstein is a writer, teacher, and speaker on multiple themes: money, community, education, gift culture, transition, and cultural evolution. He is the author of The Ascent of Humanity and Sacred Economics, along with numerous essays in print and on line. Graduating from Yale in Mathematics and Philosophy in 1989, he spent his twenties in Taiwan as a Chinese-English translator before returning to Pennsylvania where he lives today. His work in economics and social change is featured in several recent films, including Money and Life, and the short films The Revolution Is Love and Sacred Economics.

Learn more about Charles at

 Riane Eisler

300 dpi collopy head shotRIANE EISLER is a social scientist, attorney, and author whose work on cultural transformation has inspired both scholars and social activists. Her groundbreaking research has impacted many fields, including history, economics, psychology, sociology, and education. She has been a leader in the movement for peace, sustainability, and economic equity, and her pioneering work in human rights has expanded the focus of international organizations to include the rights of women and children. She is president of the Center for Partnership Studies (CPS), dedicated to research and education on social and economic transformation, and co-founder of CPS’s Caring Economy Campaign, and Spiritual Alliance to Stop Intimate Violence (SAIV) with Nobel Peace laureate Betty Williams.

Dr. Eisler is internationally known for her bestseller The Chalice and The Blade: Our History, Our Future, now in 26 foreign editions, including most European languages and Chinese, Russian, Korean, Hebrew, Japanese, Urdu, and Arabic. Her newest book, The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics – hailed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu as “a template for the better world we have been so urgently seeking,” Peter Senge as “desperately needed,” Gloria Steinem as “revolutionary,” and Jane Goodall as “a call for action” – proposes a new economics that gives visibility and value to the most essential human work: the work of caring for people and nature.

Dr. Eisler keynotes conferences and speaks at universities worldwide, and consults to business and government on applications of the partnership model introduced in her work. She has spoken at the United Nations General Assembly, and other venues have included Germany at the invitation of Prof. Rita Suessmuth, President of the Bundestag (the German Parliament) and Daniel Goeudevert (Chair of Volkswagen International); Colombia, invited by the Mayor of Bogota; and the Czech Republic, invited by Vaclav Havel (President of the Czech Republic).

She is a member of the Club of Rome, a Councilor of the World Future Council, a fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science and World Business Academy, and a commissioner of the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality, along with the Dalai Lama and other spiritual leaders.

Other books drawing from her multidisciplinary research include the award-winning The Power of Partnership and Tomorrow’s Children, as well as Sacred Pleasure, a daring reexamination of sexuality and spirituality, Women, Men, and the Global Quality of Life, documenting the key role of women’s status in a nation’s general quality of life, and most recently, Transforming Interprofessional Partnerships, a text for nursing and partnership-based health care education. Her earlier books, drawing from her legal experience, include Dissolution and The Equal Rights Handbook, widely used in the campaign for the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Riane Eisler was born in Vienna, fled from the Nazis with her parents to Cuba, and later emigrated to the United States. She obtained degrees in sociology and law from the University of California, taught pioneering classes on women and the law at UCLA, and now teaches in the graduate Transformative Leadership Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies and at California State University Monterey Bay.

Eisler has written over 300 articles in publications ranging from Behavioral Science, Futures, Political Psychology, The Christian Science MonitorChallenge, and The UNESCO Courier to Brain and Mind, the Human Rights Quarterly, The International Journal of Women’s Studies, and the World Encyclopedia of Peace. She is editor in chief of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies at the University of Minnesota, and is on editorial boards of other scholarly journals.

Dr. Eisler is the only woman among 20 great thinkers including Hegel, Adam Smith, Marx, and Toynbee selected for inclusion in Macrohistory and Macrohistorians in recognition of the lasting importance of her work as a cultural historian and evolutionary theorist. She has received many honors, including honorary Ph.D. degrees, the Alice Paul ERA Education Award, and the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation’s 2009 Distinguished Peace Leadership Award, and is included in the award-winning book Great Peacemakers as one of 20 leaders for world peace, along with Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King. Dr. Eisler lives on the Monterey Peninsula of California with her husband, social psychologist and evolutionary scholar David Loye, and can be contacted at

Duane Elgin

Duane ElginDuane Elgin is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and social visionary who looks beneath the surface turbulence of our times to explore the deeper trends that are transforming our world.

Over the past thirty years, Duane has co-founded three non-profit organizations working for media accountability, citizen empowerment, and a trans-partisan ‘community voice’ movement using the television airwaves legally owned by the public.

As a speaker, Duane has given more than 300 keynotes and workshops with audiences ranging from business executives and civic groups to churches and college students.

For the past three years, he has been the executive director of a project that has brought together more than a dozen “Great Transition Stories” that offer new cultural narratives for our collective imagination and that can serve help guide us toward a sustainable and meaningful future. He is now developing a growing number of collaborations with organizations in business, film and media, colleges and universities, and more.

His professional website is:
See more at:


GangajiGangaji shares a simple message – This is an invitation to shift your allegiance from the activities of your mind to the eternal presence of your being.

Born in Texas in 1942, Gangaji grew up in Mississippi. After graduating from the University of Mississippi in 1964, she married and had a daughter. In 1972, she moved to San Francisco where she began exploring deeper levels of her being. She took Bodhisattva vows, practiced Zen and Vipassana meditation, helped run a Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Center, and had a career as an acupuncturist in the San Francisco Bay area.

Despite her successes, Gangaji continued to experience a deep and persistent longing for fulfillment, until she met Sri H.W.L. Poonja, also known as Papaji, who opened the floodgates of self-recognition. In this meeting, Gangaji’s personal story of suffering ended and the promise of a true life began to flower and unfold.

Today, Gangaji travels the world speaking to seekers from all walks of life. As a teacher and author she shares her direct experience of the essential message she received from Papaji and offers it to all who want to discover a true and lasting fulfillment. Through her life and words, she powerfully articulates how it is really possible to discover the truth of who you are and to be true to that discovery. Gangaji is the award-winning author of Hidden Treasure, Uncovering the Truth in Your Life Story , The Diamond in Your Pocket, and Freedom and Resolve: the Living Edge of Surrender.

To find out more about Gangaji by visiting, where she offers a monthly webcast featuring the topic; Trusting Yourself, Trusting Life starting.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Dr-Marshall-GoldsmithMarshall was recently recognized as the #1 leadership thinker in the world at the bi-annual Thinkers50 ceremony sponsored by the Harvard Business Review.

He is also the million-selling author or editor of 32 books, including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – a WSJ #1 business book and winner of the Harold Longman Award for Business Book of the Year. His books have been translated into 28 languages and become bestsellers in ten countries.

Dr. Goldsmith’s Ph.D. is from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management where (in 2012) he was recognized as the Distinguished Alumnus of the Year. He teaches executive education at Dartmouth’s Tuck School and frequently speaks at leading business schools. He is one of a select few executive advisors who have been asked to work with over 150 major CEOs and their management teams. He served on the Board of the Peter Drucker Foundation for ten years. He has been a volunteer teacher for US Army Generals, Navy Admirals, Girl Scout executives, International and American Red Cross leaders – where he was a National Volunteer of the Year.

To learn more about Marshall, go to

Indrani Goradia

Indrani GoradiaIndrani Goradia is a philanthropist and advocate for women’s health and empowerment. She is the founder and visionary behind Indrani’s Light Foundation, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to providing solutions to Gender Based Violence.

Over the past ten years, Indrani has partnered with various organizations to bring health, strength and wellness to women in need through Indrani’s Light Foundation. ILF has recently partnered with and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to begin a pilot project on reducing Gender Violence in Delhi, India and in Port of Spain Trinidad. She is a determined advocate for girls and women leading empowerment trainings in several countries around the world.

A speaker, an author, and an activist, she is most proud of her roles of wife and mother. Herself a victim of domestic violence as a child and young adult, she has worked tirelessly to help parents understand the devastating effects that domestic violence has on children. Longing to erase Gender Based Violence in her lifetime, she frequently says, “if one of us is abused, we are all abused.”

For more information about Indrani, please visit

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara-Marx-Hubbard“There is no doubt in my mind that Barbara Marx Hubbard – who helped introduce the concept of futurism to society – is the best informed human now alive regarding futurism and the foresights it has produced.” ~Buckminster Fuller

Barbara Marx Hubbard has been called “the voice for conscious evolution of our time” by Deepak Chopra. A prolific author, visionary, social innovator, evolutionary thinker and educator, she is co-founder and president of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. She is the producer and narrator of the award-winning documentary series entitled Humanity Ascending: A New Way through Together and has recently partnered with The Shift Network as a global ambassador for the conscious evolution movement; a shift from evolution by chance towards evolution by choice. Along with Shift, she launched the ‘Agents of Conscious Evolution’ and ‘Generation One’ trainings and formed a global team to co-produce a global multi-media event entitled, “Birth 2012: Co-Creating a Planetary Shift in Time” on Dec. 22, 2012 – a historic, turning-point event; awakening the social, spiritual, scientific, and technological potential of humanity.

She is also the subject of a new documentary American Visionary: The Life Story of Barbara Marx Hubbard produced by Karen Evert. She is the author of 7 books and the co-founder of The World Future Society, the Association for Global New Thought, and Evolutionary Leaders. Her name was placed in nomination for the Vice Presidency of the United States on the Democratic ticket in 1984 proposing a “Peace Room” in the office of the Vice President to scan for, map, connect and communicate what is working in the world.

Learn more about Barbara at

Tom & Trisha Kelly

Tom and Trisha KellyReverend Tom Kelly spent 25 years as a monk in Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self Realization Fellowship Swami Order. Taking vows of simplicity, chastity and loyalty as well as being deeply involved in meditation and humanitarian service, Reverend Kelly traveled around the world teaching the sacred art of Raja Yoga. Tom has a highly contagious sense of enthusiasm and a large heartedness that resonates with people of all religions and traditions. Now Tom is an ordained interfaith minister, an inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator and retreat leader, and co-owner of The Soul of Yoga Center in Encinitas, CA with his wife, Reverend Trisha Kelly.

Starting her career as a dancer and actress, Reverend Trisha Kelly removed herself from the world of performing to become immersed in the study of Raja Yoga and meditation. She served for over 20 years at Paramahansa Yogananda’s International Headquarters in Los Angeles, which provided the bedrock for her spiritual and professional life. Trisha is an ordained interfaith minister, as well as a certified Metaphysician and Spiritual Healer with Divine Light.

Learn more about the couple at

Christine Kloser

Christine KloserChristine Kloser, “The Transformation Catalyst” powerfully combines spiritual guidance and intuition with nuts-and-bolts writing, publishing and marketing expertise – and the result is a global movement of authors who unleash their authentic voice, share their message on the pages of a book and make a difference in the world.

Trusted and celebrated by aspiring authors and publishing industry experts around the world for her down to earth, authentic and inspiring approach, Christine is the well-recognized leader of the transformational author movement.

In addition to coaching authors through her Transformational Author Experience and Get Your Book Done® programs, Christine is a best-selling and award-winning author who has written and/or contributed to more than a dozen books including her most recent ones, A Daily Dose of Love: Everyday Inspiration to Help You Remember What Your Heart Already Knows and the anthology, Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time.

She’s been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Atlanta Constitution-Journal, Leadership Excellence, FOX News,, Huffington Post and, and is a regular columnist for the award-winning PUBLISHED! Magazine. Her books and publications have received numerous awards including the Nautilus Book Silver Award, Pinnacle Book Award, National Best Books Award, and the Apex Award for Publication Excellence.

Learn more about Christine at

Andrea J. Lee

Andrea J LeeAndrea J. Lee is an Entrepreneurial Futurist with her finger on the pulse of the entrepreneurial spirit and how it can shows up to change the world.  Throughout her life, Andrea has done one thing – help those she loves make money. Not once, but twice, she has helped reinvent the coaching industry and knows just one thing for sure: the entrepreneurial spirit is everywhere, looking for a place to make a difference. She is the trusted source of coaching pioneer Thomas Leonard’s intellectual property, the architect behind the Pink Spoon Marketing craze, and her company was named by Seth Godin and Fast Company Magazine as one of the extraordinary ‘Bull Market’ companies helping their clients stand out and prosper.

Andrea invites you over to to enjoy a free guide on 5 steps to Income Through Innovation – A Primer on Your Thought Leadership.

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

Bruce LiptonDr. Lipton is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Stem cell biologist, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award, he has been a guest speaker on hundreds of TV and radio shows, as well as keynote presenter for national and international conferences.

He began his scientific career as a cell biologist. He received his Ph.D. Degree from the University of Virginia at Charlottesville before joining the Department of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine in 1973 and in 1982, Dr. Lipton began examining the principles of quantum physics and how they might be integrated into his understanding of the cell’s information processing systems. He produced breakthrough studies on the cell membrane, which revealed that this outer layer of the cell was an organic homologue of a computer chip, the cell’s equivalent of a brain.

Dr. Lipton’s novel scientific approach transformed his personal life as well. His deepened understanding of cell biology highlighted the mechanisms by which the mind controls bodily functions, and implied the existence of an immortal spirit. He applied this science to his personal biology, and discovered that his physical well-being improved, and the quality and character of his daily life was greatly enhanced.

He has taken his award-winning medical school lectures to the public and is currently a sought after keynote speaker and workshop presenter. He is regarded as one of the leading voices of the new biology. Dr. Lipton’s work summarizing his findings, is entitled The Biology of Belief, and his new book is entitled Spontaneous Evolution, Our Positive Future and A Way to Get There From Here.

You can find out more about Dr. Lipton by visiting: or join Bruce’s membership site at

Tracy J. Nicholas

Tracy-NicholasTracy J. Nicholas is an author, speaker, business owner, successful real estate investor and has been a whole health researcher for 30 years. Most importantly, Tracy is a mother of three children in the daily adventures of this beautiful, challenging life. She discovered her children were being bullied and was shocked to find out that a majority of parents do not know when their children are being bullied either. While grateful to have found out her children were not “fine” before it was too late, she was motivated to create new solutions to this problem.

Tracy I started her journey to not only help the children who are bullied, but to also help the children who have become the bully. She is not just a frustrated mom whose children have been bullied. She is a investigative innovator and a Eye-Opening Parenting Mentor. She is always on the look out for new ways to help her family – in all areas of our life. She is an advocate for helping the bullied, the bully, the bystander and the up-stander.

She founded “The New Bully” website as be a place where people who care about their children can come and find new solutions for helping and healing everyone affected by bullying. Tracy also is the author of “Is Your Child ‘Really’ Fine? How to Know and How to Help,” which addresses the often sensitive topic of bullying, and does so in a comforting and understanding manner.

Currently, Tracy is in the process of writing her second book.

Learn more Tracy and her mission at

Laura Pedro


For over thirty years, Laura Pedro has made personal and systemic transformation the focus of her life. Much of that time was dedicated to leadership and large-scale system change, and Laura jokes that her skills and experience were forged in the “belly of the beast”.

As a consultant and coach to leaders of Fortune 500 companies, she has helped executives build workplaces that unleash the human spirit and create breakthroughs in their businesses. Simultaneously working with non-management to help them recover their vision for their work and exercise leadership and creativity has resulted in all levels working together to co-create a culture that helps everyone thrive.

Meanwhile, Laura and her partners built their own entrepreneurial start up from nothing to being part of a $9 bn. company, where Ms. Pedro was Vice President. Since then, she has been a founder of two additional entrepreneurial businesses. Alder Associates, LLC is focused on large companies and non-profits, while Think and Grow CEO is dedicated to leaders of small businesses and social entrepreneurs.

Laura says, “We can’t wait for government intervention or the powers that be to resolve our most pressing problems.  Because our institutions are part of the problem, the way to real change is through ordinary people taking extraordinary action. That’s why I’m refocusing my time, energy and spirit on the brave souls who are leading small businesses and social change initiatives. My commitment is to bring all that I’ve learned to them – to empower them to make the difference they want to see in the world.”

For more about Laura Pedro, go to

John Raatz

John RaatzJohn Raatz, Founder and CEO of The Visioneering Group, is a modern-day Renaissance man. A skilled and experienced communicator, strategist, administrator, musician, teacher and entrepreneur, the thread that runs through Raatz’s professional life is an abiding commitment to others’ excellence and success… and to the unfolding process that’s lifting all of humanity to a new level of ethical and spiritual expression.

Raatz has been a personal manager in the entertainment industry, representing both high-profile celebrity actors and musicians. He’s been a successful stockbroker, a major executive at a public relations agency, a professional blues/rock guitarist, a publisher of a leading-edge newsletter and the administrator of one of Southern California’s most forward-looking holistic health clinics.

Raatz holds a Bachelor of Science degree and professional certification in public relations, and is pursuing a BBA degree from the State University of New York Regents Program as well as certification in financial planning from the College for Financial Planning. He is a frequent lecturer on public relations for the UCLA Extension PR Certificate Program.

Embodying an eclectic spiritual path since 1967, Raatz is a certified meditation teacher and, since 1976, has instructed thousands in the practice. Since 1989, The Visioneering Group has represented many of the foremost authors, books, films and musical projects in the alternative/transformational movement, including What the Bleep Do We Know, The 11th Hour, Youth Without Youth, Peaceful Warrior, Baraka, Mindwalk, A Brief History of Time, Fritjof Capra, Peter Russell, Chellis Glendinning, Dead Can Dance, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Madonna and Donovan.

For more info:

Elisabet Sahtouris PhD

Elisabet SahtourisElisabet is an internationally known evolution biologist, futurist, author and speaker. Citizen of the USA and Greece, She lives in Spain, where she works with Mallorca Goes Green toward sustainable local economy. Fellow of the World Business Academy and member of the World Wisdom Council, her post-doctoral fellowship tenure was at the American Museum of Natural History in New York; she taught at MIT and the University of Massachusetts, was a UN Consultant on indigenous peoples, a science writer for the NOVA-HORIZON TV series, taught in a sustainable business MBA Program and organized the Hokkaido Foundations of Science Symposium in 2008 and another in Kuala Lumpur in 2009.

Her books include EarthDance: Living Systems in Evolution, A Walk Through Time: from Stardust to Us and Biology Revisioned,w.Willis Harman.

To find out more about Elisabet please visit:

Zainab Salbi

Zainab SalbiZainab is the founder of Women for Women International and served as the organization’s CEO from 1993 to 2011. She is the author of two books: the national bestseller Between Two Worlds: Escape from Tyranny Growing Up in the Shadow of Saddam (with Laurie Becklund) which documents her life growing up in Iraq under Saddam Hussein’s rule and The Other Side of War: Women’s Stories of Survival and Hope. Her work has been featured in major media outlets, including eight appearances on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.

Zainab has been honored by President Bill Clinton for her 1993 work in Bosnia and Herzegovina and was also nominated by President Clinton as one of the Harpers Bazaar’s 21st Century Heroines to honor her actions, faith and determination in making a difference. She is the recipient of the 2010 David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award and was named one of 22 members of the Clinton Global Initiative Lead program, which brings together a select group of accomplished young leaders to develop innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

In 2011, Zainab was named one of the Top 100 Women: Activists and Campaigners by The Guardian and was highlighted as a Female Faith Heroine by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

To find out more about Zainab please visit:

Dr. C. Otto Scharmer

Dr. C. Otto ScharmerOtto is a Senior Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and founding chair of the Presencing Institute. Scharmer chairs the MIT IDEAS program and helps groups of diverse stakeholders from business, government, and civil society to innovate at the level of the whole system. He co-founded the Global Wellbeing and Gross National Happiness (GNH) Lab, which links innovators from Bhutan, Brazil, Europe, and the United States in order to innovate beyond GDP. He has worked with governments in Africa, Asia, and Europe and has delivered award-winning leadership and innovation programs for clients including Alibaba, Daimler, Eileen Fisher, Fujitsu, Google, Natura, and PriceWaterhouse. He also is a Vice Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on New Leadership Models.

Scharmer introduced the concept of “presencing” — learning from the emerging future — in his bestselling books Theory U and Presence (the latter co-authored with P. Senge, J. Jaworski, and B. S. Flowers), which have been translated into fifteen languages. His new book is titled Leading From the Emerging Future: From Ego-system to Eco-system Economies (co-authored with Katrin Kaufer).

He holds a Ph.D. in economics and management from Witten-Herdecke University in Germany. More information about Scharmer and his work can be found at: and

Marilyn Schlitz

Marilyn SchlitzMarilyn Schlitz, Ph.D. is a social anthropologist, researcher, writer, and charismatic public speaker. She is currently the Founder and CEO of Worldview Enterprises. She also serves as President Emeritus and a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Additionally, she is a Senior Scientist at the California Pacific Medical Center, where she focuses on health and healing, and board member of Pacifica Graduate Institute.

For more than three decades, Marilyn has been a leader in the field of consciousness studies. Her research and extensive publications focus on personal and social transformation, cultural pluralism, extended human capacities, and mind body medicine. She has a depth of leadership experience in government, business, and the not-for-profit sectors. Her broad and varied work has given her a unique ability to help individuals and organizations identify and develop personal and interpersonal skills and capacities needed by 21st century leaders. She is currently producing a feature film (called Death Makes Life Possible) with Deepak Chopra on the topic of death and dying, and how engaging that topic in a deep and meaningful way informs the way we live our lives. Find out more at

Rebecca Skeele

Rebecca SkeeleRebecca Skeele, Author, Heaven on Earth Mentor and Wisdom Teacher and Speaker,  is known as an expert in teaching the inner spiritual tools to initiate a major life shift in consciousness. She is gifted at being clear, focused, and on the mark in guiding a clear path into  the quantum  realities so her students can reveal to themselves their connection to  their Divine Reality. Her clients say she is brilliant, powerfully loving and unshakable in her commitment to mirror the truth so that others may set themselves free of self imposed limitations. Her passion is demonstrating the power of each person to access their divine reality and cocreate their personal heaven on earth.

Rebecca is an ordained minister and licensed counselor who has facilitated seminars in practical spirituality in the United States and Europe. Rebecca holds two Master’s degrees: M.A. in Spiritual Counseling and M.A. of Theology in Spiritual Science. Rebecca was named Counselor of the Year in 2005 by the New Mexico Counseling Association for her visionary leadership and natural ability to inspire.

Rebecca speaks from experience and teaches what she knows — that everything in life is designed to uplift us and that our home with Spirit is waiting for each of us — when we have the willingness, courage and resilience to shift and claim our spiritual heritage. Her approach is authentic, wise and humorous as she teaches through examples from her life of waking up, letting go of the drama/trauma, shifting out of self-limiting beliefs and judgments and choosing to live in love no matter what.

Rebecca’s first book was published in Fall 2002: You Can Make It Heaven: How to Live Your Life with Abundance and Loving. The audio book on 4 CD’s read by the author was released in Spring 2004. She launched her soul-focused Wisdom School in 2005.  She also facilitates a 6 month experiential Noetic Balancing Training that teaches the ancient protocol of balancing the aura and quantum field.

Born and raised in the south, she lives in Santa Fe, NM with her husband. Mother of two grown children, Rebecca spends her time writing, teaching her Wisdom School, mentoring private clients  and reveling in the awe and mystery of this human journey as a spiritual being.

Find out more at

Tami Simon

Tami SimonIn 1985, at age 22, Tami Simon started Sounds True, now a multi-media publisher, with a dream, a tape recorder, and a $50,000 inheritance she received upon the death of her father. Though she had no business experience and only a vague idea of what she wanted the company to be, Tami had her guiding principle strongly in place: to “disseminate spiritual wisdom.”

In the early days, Tami began by recording conferences and interviews with teachers like Ram Dass and Stephen Levine. She broadcasted portions of these recordings on a radio show that she hosted on Boulder County Public Radio, and then made the cassettes of the entire recordings available for purchase.

As the years passed, Sounds True established their popular direct mailing catalog and in 1990, moved away from conference recordings to audio programs recorded in a studio setting. This led to the evolution of Sound True’s signature style—unscripted recordings that capture the charisma, energetic transmission and “living wisdom” of the teacher.

In the years to follow, Sounds True expanded into bookstores, developed audio learning courses, engaged in profound donation programs including the prison library project, began distributing spiritual and healing music, produced its first videos on spiritual practice, made ownership in the company available to long-term employees, launched a book publishing division, made downloadable content available, and recently launched its first live web stream event.

Twenty-two years, over 600 titles, and 2 million catalogs per year later Tami has grown Sounds True into North America’s leading publisher of spoken-word spiritual teachings, and one of the world’s very first organizations to operate along genuinely Integral principles, with the emphasis on  “multiple bottom lines” of purpose, profit, people, and planet.

For more information, go to

Bob Thurman

Tenzin Bob ThurmanRobert Thurman is Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies in the Department of Religion at Columbia University, President of Tibet House US, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Tibetan civilization, and President of the American Institute of Buddhist Studies. The New York Times recently hailed him as “the leading American expert on Tibetan Buddhism.”

The first American to have been ordained a Tibetan Buddhist monk and a personal friend of the Dalai Lama for over 40 years, Professor Thurman is a passionate advocate and spokesperson for the truth regarding the current Tibet-China situation and the human rights violations suffered by the Tibetan people under Chinese rule. His commitment to finding a peaceful, win-win solution for Tibet and China inspired him to write his latest book, Why the Dalai Lama Matters: His Act of Truth as the Solution for China, Tibet and the World, published in June of 2008.

Popularizing the Buddha’s teachings is just one of Thurman’s creative talents. He is a riveting speaker and an author of many books on Tibet, Buddhism, art, politics and culture, including Circling the Sacred Mountain, Essential Tibetan Buddhism, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Wisdom and Compassion: The Sacred Art of Tibet, Infinite Life: Seven Virtues for Living Well, Inner Revolution, The Jewel Tree of Tibet and, most recently, Why the Dalai Lama Matters.

He is credited with being at the forefront of making Tibetan art accessible and understandable in the West and, with distinguished art historians, he has collaborated in curating several important traveling exhibitions, including “Wisdom and Compassion,” “Mandala,” and “Worlds of Transformation,” which set a standard in the art world.

Thurman’s work and insights are grounded in more than 35 years of serious academic scholarship. He has a B.A., A.M. and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard and has studied in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in India and the United States. A long-time advocate of Buddhist monasticism, Thurman was ordained in 1962. He gave up his robes after several years, however, when he discovered he could be most effective in the American equivalent of the monastery, the university. He is a popular professor at Columbia, where he holds the Jey Tsong Khapa chair in Indo-Tibetan Studies.

To find out more about Tenzin Bob please visit:

Dr. William Tiller

William TillerDr. Tiller is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Material Science and Engineering at Stanford University is the author of four ground-breaking books on psychoenergetic science: “Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness” (1997), “Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence of a New Physics” (2001), “Some Science Adventures with Real Magic” (2005) and “Psychoenergetic Science: A Second Copernican-Scale Revolution” (2007); as well as more than 150 published papers concerning un-actualized human capabilities, opportunities and adventures for all of us in the years ahead. These works have proven to be eye-openers for non-scientists and scientists, metaphysicians and physicians, students and teachers, and all people with a real interest in how science moves our world. For the first time, a rigorous experimental protocol is available that allows human qualities to meaningfully alter properties of physical materials via specific human intentions.

A pioneer of psychoenergetics since the 1960’s, Dr. Tiller has worked in private industry as well as a Professor of Materials Science at Stanford University for 30 years. Continuing his psychoenergetics research, he currently directs the William A Tiller Institute for Psychoenergetic Science in Arizona. In his conventional science field he has published over 250 scientific papers, 3 books and holds several patents. Find out more at

Lynne Twist

Lynne TwistLynne is a global activist, fundraiser, speaker, consultant, and author — has dedicated her life to global initiatives that serve the best instincts in all of us. She has raised hundreds of millions of dollars and trained 35,000+ fundraisers to be more effective in their work.

Lynne has spent more than three decades working in positions of leadership with many global initiatives including: ending world hunger, protecting the world’s rainforests, empowering indigenous peoples, improving health, economic, and political conditions for women and children, advancing the scientific understanding of human consciousness, and creating a sustainable future for all life.

An original staff member of The Hunger Project, (HTTP://WWW.THP.ORG) an organization started in 1977 to end world hunger, Lynne served as a leader of this global initiative for 20 years. During those years she created and managed the worldwide fundraising operation. The compelling stories and insights gained from her experiences inspire Lynne’s keynotes and workshops, and are the foundation for her award winning book,
She’s also the founder The Soul of Money Institute and coaches individuals and families of high net worth in the US and internationally regarding socially responsible giving and strategic philanthropy.

Ms. Twist co-founded The Pachamama Alliance ( with her husband and is the co-creator of the FourYears.Go. global media campaign ( Lynne is President of the Turning Tide Coalition and a member of the Transformational Leadership Council.

Check out Lynne’s upcoming events:

Fundraising from the Heart workshop in NYC, Feb 12-13.

This workshop is designed to empower you to ask for money with greater confidence and effectiveness. You will learn to:

  • – Discover the essence and heart of your organization’s message.
  • – Design successful fundraising strategies.
  • – Build an effective, inspired and winning team.
  • – Take care of investors so that they stay with you for life.

Money & Life Workshop, Feb 27th-Mar 1. This engaging and interactive workshop is designed to powerfully transform your relationship with money and life. To register click here.

The Money Course: Master your money, Transform your life. The Money Course is a nine-month program offered by Lynne Twist, Tammy White, and Dave Ellis. This engaging curriculum is designed to powerfully transform your relationship with money and life. The course begins February 12th. To find out more, and to register, visit

Ramananda John E. Welshons

John WelshonsRamananda John E. Welshons is a highly respected contemporary spiritual teacher who lectures and leads meditation retreats throughout North America. He is the author of three critically-acclaimed books: One Soul, One Love, One Heart; Awakening From Grief; and When Prayers Aren’t Answered, as well as numerous audio programs on meditation and spirituality. He has traveled extensively in India, spending time in the ashrams of Meher Baba and Neem Karoli Baba, and has worked closely with Ram Dass and Stephen Levine.

He holds a B.A. in Comparative Religions from the University of South Florida and an M.A. in History of Religions from Florida State University. His website is

Terry Whitaker

terry-whitakerKnown by those she works with as “The Truth Teller,” Terry Whitaker is on a mission — to bring more veracity to work and to life.

Terry delivers straightforward strategies for business professionals to quit trying to do the “right” thing and do “their thing” instead. She helps people who want to behave authentically, take a stand, stretch themselves and find true success. Her speaking, coaching and training topics include: “True Success,” “Authentic Branding” and “Creating a Culture of Authenticity.”

Terry has worked nationally in a variety of industries, including CPG, life sciences, professional services, universities and non-profits.

On her local Philadelphia-area TV show, And That’s the Truth, Terry interviews business and social entrepreneurs–leaders that are changing the face of business.

For more about Terry Whitaker, go to:

Gary Zukav

Gary-ZukavGary Zukav’s gentle presence, humor, and insightful wisdom have inspired millions to realize their soul’s greatest potential. A master teacher and eloquent author of four consecutive New York Times bestsellers, Gary is dedicated to the current extraordinary transformation in human consciousness – an unprecedented threshold in the human experience. This transformation is no less than a Revolution of the Soul, one that touches the heart of all humanity and is based on spiritual growth, conscious choices, and a celebration and reverence for Life.

His insight, thoughtful presence, and contagious enthusiasm have endeared Gary Zukav to millions of viewers through his 36 appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Over six million copies of his books are in print and translations have been published in 32 languages.

Gary Zukav is a co-founder of the Seat of the Soul Institute with Linda Francis, Harvard graduate with a degree in International Relations, World Business Academy Fellow, Elder on the Council of Elders, Native American Earth Ambassadors, and serves on the Advisory Board of the Human Kindness Foundation. He is a recipient of the World Business Academy Pathfinder Award for his Contribution to the Ongoing Evolution of Knowledge and Consciousness within the Global Business Community, and the Einstein Award from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine for his Contributions to the Psychosocial Growth of Humanity.

He grew up in Kansas and was a U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret) officer with Vietnam service before writing his first book.

To learn more about Gary Zukav’s latest offerings:

Awakening to Authentic Power E-Course –  a self-paced independent study eCourse composed of seven lessons composed of videos, meditations, written exercises and a SoulLog to record your answers. Learn the principles of authentic power and spiritual partnership, and step-by-step application to your life.

Life School – an ongoing interactive program offering support in creating authentic power. Featuring opportunities to interact with Gary and Linda on monthly conference calls, live streaming teachings, a large library of teachings by topic, and a community forum, Life School is a community of people together experimenting how to transform their lives, move beyond pain & fear, and use every-day experiences to cultivate more joy & love.To learn more about Gary Zukav’s latest offerings, SoulLog to record your answers. Learn the principles of authentic power and spiritual partnership, and step-by-step application to your life.

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