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Event Details

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Your Virtual Training Event PlayBook

PlayBookTo help make your learning experience robust and to organize your thoughts, we’ve created a Virtual Training Event PlayBook for you.

We’ve created a separate page for each learning session where you can take notes, capture insights, and set yourself up to take action on what you hear.

[thrive_link color=’purple’ link=’http://www.awakenintoaction.com/wp-content/uploads/Awaken-Into-Action-PlayBook-.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ align=”]Download the Event Playbook[/thrive_link]

How to Participate

On the date and time for each module below, visit: new.livestream.com/AwakenIntoAction/now
Make sure to get there a bit early so you can sign in and join the live chat!

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Opening Ceremony – January 5, 2015

Opening Ceremony starring Maya Angelou – 2:00 PM, Pacific Time / 5:00 PM, Eastern Time.  Plan on about an hour for this session.

Note:  For Modules 1 – 6, each speaker’s learning session will be approximately 75 minutes.

Module One: The BIG PICTURE – January 6 and 7

PURPOSE: elevate your thinking, inspire you, help you experience togetherness at the cosmic level and create a whole world view – from the larger universe down and from the inside out so you have a perspective big enough to be a true thought leader.

Jan. 6 – Module One, Part One
Barbara Marx Hubbard – 2:00p PT / 5:00p ET – Convert to Your Time Zone
Bob Thurman – 3:30p PT / 6:30p ET
Bill Drayton – 5:00p PT / 8:00p ET

Jan. 7 – Module One, Part Two
Andrea J. Lee – 2:00p PT / 5:00p ET – Convert to Your Time Zone
Gary Zukav – 3:30p PT / 6:30p ET
Elisabet Sahtouris – 5:00p PT / 8:00p ET

Module Two: Cultural Dynamics – January 12 and 13

PURPOSE: Create contrast between the grandeur of the possibility we just explored and the downside of our thinking and actions – confront the reality of the state of the world and the culture we have created so you can focus on what you want to help change.

Jan. 12 – Module Two, Part One
Marilyn Schlitz – 2:00p PT / 5:00p ET – Convert to Your Time Zone
Don Beck – 3:30p PT / 6:30p ET
Lissa Boles – 5:00p PT / 8:00p ET

Jan. 13 – Module Two, Part Two
Indrani Goradia – 2:00p PT / 5:00p ET – Convert to Your Time Zone
Duane Elgin – 3:30p PT / 6:30p ET
John Welshons – 5:00p PT / 8:00p ET

Module Three: Revealing Your Personal Calling, Mission and Vision – January 19 and 20

PURPOSE: Take you from the vague feeling that you’re here to make a difference to becoming clear about what moves you, your personal mission and vision for an area that is meaningful for you and the world.

Jan. 19 – Module Three, Part One
Tami Simon – 2:00p PT / 5:00p ET – Convert to Your Time Zone
Tom & Trisha Kelly – 3:30p PT / 6:30p ET
Michael Dowd – 5:00p PT / 8:00p ET

Jan. 20 – Module Three, Part Two
Terry Whitaker – 2:00p PT / 5:00p ET – Convert to Your Time Zone
Bill Tiller – 3:30p PT / 6:30p ET
Christine Kloser – 5:00p PT / 8:00p ET

Module Four: What Stops Us – January 26 and 27

PURPOSE: Look at challenges, transparent beliefs and other conversations that stop us from acting on our commitments so you can develop tools and skills for overcoming them.

Jan. 26 – Module Four, Part One
Gangaji – 2:00p PT / 5:00p ET – Convert to Your Time Zone
Tracy Nicholas – 3:30p PT / 6:30p ET
Bruce Lipton – 5:00p PT / 8:00p ET

Jan. 27 – Module Four, Part Two
Stephen Dinan – 2:00p PT / 5:00p ET – Convert to Your Time Zone
Rebecca Skeele – 3:300p PT / 6:30p ET
Otto Scharmer – 5:00p PT / 8:00p ET

Module Five: The Paradigm of Money – February 2 and 3

PURPOSE: Allow us to collectively confront the myths we believe about money and how our current relationship to money gets in the way and free you up to move easily into an experience of abundance.

Feb. 2 – Module Five, Part One
Lynne Twist – 2:00p PT / 5:00p ET – Convert to Your Time Zone
Paul Dolan – 3:30p PT / 6:30p ET
Riane Eisler – 5:00p PT / 8:00p ET

Feb. 3 – Module Five, Part Two
Beth Banning – 2:00p PT / 5:00p ET – Convert to Your Time Zone
Charles Eisenstein – 3:30p PT / 6:30p ET

Module Six: From Vision to Reality – February 9 and 10

PURPOSE: Provide you with the basics of what you need to think about in order to turn your vision into actionable steps and a viable initiative.

Feb. 9 – Module Six, Part One
Zainab Salbi – 2:00p PT / 5:00p ET – Convert to Your Time Zone
Greg Koorhan – 3:30p PT / 6:30p ET
Marshall Goldsmith – 5:00p PT / 8:00p ET

Feb. 10 – Module Six, Part Two
Laura Pedro – 2:00p PT / 5:00p ET – Convert to Your Time Zone
John Raatz – 3:30p PT / 6:30p ET
Michael Beckwith – 5:00p PT / 8:00p ET

Module Seven: Putting a Stake in the Ground and Moving to Action – February 13

PURPOSE: Help you clarify goals for the next six months and a roadmap with milestones to get you there.

Feb. 13 – Module Seven
Beth Banning, Laura Pedro, Terry Whitaker – 10:00a-2:30p PT / 1:00p-5:30p ET – Convert to Your Time Zone

This is a 4 1/2 hour WORKING SESSION, where you’ll bring everything together into meaningful action for you!

Download Your Module Seven Workbook Here:
   AIA Session 7 Workbook

We’re using a new technology for this session because it enables you to be in breakout groups to get collaborative work done!  You have to register for this session by going to http://myaccount.maestroconference.com/conference/register/DAYTAG8G50HU3DX and then you’ll get your unique login credentials!

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