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Thanks to our guest speakers, we have some amazing bonuses to help you in your journey toward becoming a leader and making this a world that works for everyone. These bonuses are designed to offer you even greater value than you thought possible!

As you can see, we have a lot of great material for you.  These bonuses are in no particular order.  We’re adding to them all the time as new ones come in, so check back frequently.

Bonus 1: Michael Dowd’s free 5-part God in Big History course.

This series will help you shift the way you think about the history of the Universe and our place in it

Get the series here

Bonus 2: Otto Scharmer’s free U-Browser tool will help you to move from innovation through change (ideas to action).

Get access to U-browser tool here

Bonus 3: Rebecca Skeele’s “Giving Up the Games” Book Chapter and Exercise
To get off the merry go round of self-defeating beliefs and behavior that can undermine your inspired action, you must examine its game plan, choose for your True Self and apply the new choice to your life.

Access your Book Chapter and Exercise here

Bonus 4: Duane Elgin’s video overview of The Living Universe. (Plus download a chapter FREE)

Marianne Williamson says, “No book describes more accurately or guides us more powerfully to the world now waiting to be born”.

Get access here

Bonus 5: Barbara Marx Hubbard’s ebook entitled Feminine CoCreator

Barbara reveals the evolutionary woman that is now appearing on the planet; one who is connected through the heart to the whole of life and is awakened from within by a passionate desire to express her unique creativity for the good of the self and the whole human family. Ultimately, it is this evolutionary woman who will guide humanity as this planet transitions toward a new world that works for everyone.

Download the eBook Here

Barbara also has a new course starting January 20

Its a 5-month Adventure in Personal & Social Transformation with Barbara Marx Hubbard and her cofacilitators– there will be bonus trainings from 12 pioneers such as Deepak Chopra, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Ken Wilber, Bruce Lipton & Neale Donald Walsch.

There’s a free call on January 7 that you can sign up for at

Sign up for the call


Find out more about the course

Bonus 6: The Good, The Bad and The Spiritual program with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis

Learn to:

  • Give the gifts you were born to give
  • Explore how your emotions are messages from your soul
  • Develop the courage to challenge the frightened parts of your personality.
  • Align your personality with your soul to create authentic power.

Get Free Access to the Program Here

Bonus 7: From Tracy Nicholas

Could your child be being affected by bullying? Tracy offers her book download “Is Your Child Really Fine? How to Know and How to Help” free to you.

Download the Book Here

Bonus 8: Bruce Lipton’s Healing Our Planet Healing Ourselves E-book

This is a collection of powerful ideas from some of the most advanced thinkers of our generation. In a series of interwoven essays and interviews, it explores the link between our individual wellness and the overall health of our ecosystems and planet, showing that they are inextricably linked.

Download the eBook here.

Bonus 9: Charles Eisenstein recently published The End of War

Access the essay here.

Also consider watching his video on Sacred Economics

Bonus 10: Christine Kloser’s Discover Your Soul’s Message

Access Discover Your Soul’s Message

Bonus 11: Riane Eisler’s Caring Economy Starter Course – January 14th, 2015

Access Caring Economy Starter Course

Sign up for updates from Riane Eisler (please scroll to the bottom of the site to sign up) Those who sign-up will receive a recent article by Dr. Eisler, Sexuality and Spirituality, published in the Italian journal Prometeo.

Bonus 12: From Tami Simon (Sounds True) Advice for Difficult Times

Of all the guidance we can receive from a helpful friend or teacher, trustworthy counsel for times of difficulty might be the most valuable.

Access Advice for Difficult Times Video

Bonus 13: Special report by Event Doodle Note Artist, Carolyn Ellis,3 Easy Ways Doodling Attracts More Clients and Clarity

Learn how doodling can inspire you to more action, clarity and creativity that you can bring to your business, personal life and soul’s purpose. Our event Doodle Artist, Carolyn Ellis, shares the essentials with you in her bonus gift: “3 Easy Ways Doodling Attracts More Clients and Clarity”. Access “3 Easy Ways Doodling Attracts More Clients and Clarity“.

Bonus 14:From Michael Beckwith – Life Visioning Exercise
The spiritual laws of the universe are waiting to work for you-once you know how to apply them. With Life Visioning, Michael Bernard Beckwith helps you consciously manifest your soul’s highest potential. Please enjoy the Life Visioning exercise he’d like to share with you.

Bonus 15: From Idrani Goradia and Andrea J. Lee – Live a Brighter Life | An Empowerment Program for Living

These 6 experiential audio classes are based on positive psychology research and employ proven life coaching tools. Specific outcomes of the curriculum include how to stand in our own power, respect ourselves, break cycles of shame or self-criticism, and make new
choices that will benefit new generations. It is applicable to anyone who wants to live a brighter life, and is an inspiring, forward-moving program, perfect for women and men who are ready to reenter life at a new level after difficult circumstances. Interactive and experiential it is also sprinkled with simple yoga and meditation exercises. Go
here to claim your class as our gift:

Bonus 16: From Lissa Boles – How to tap into and channel YOUR Soul’s Charisma

  • Discover the key to activating your Soul’s Charisma
  •  Learn how to nurture its reach, impact and influence to do good – for you and for others
  • Understand what will help you grow your self-esteem as you cultivate your Charisma connection

Claim your gift here.

Bonus 17: From Erin TillotsonSocial Media Starter Kit-How to Build Online Authority

– Step-by-step video training PLUS workbook to spark your social media to the next level
– A sample social media posting schedule to inspire your easy continuity plan
– Simple ways to make social media work for you and your business

Ignite Your Social Media Here

Bonus 18: From Beth Banning – The Trusted Advisor Dialogue Process:

Do you ever wish you had a full time trusted advisor who could give you all the right answers whenever you needed them? If so, the good news is that all the answers you will ever need are already within YOU. You just need to know how to tap into them. The trusted advisor dialogue process will help you do that.

To receive yours, go to

Bonus 19: Laura Pedro’s eBook – GENESIS: The Being of Transformational Leadership

GENESIS illuminates the capacities and ways of being that are hallmarks of great leadership. A book designed to be digested slowly, it’s filled with stories, quotes and practices that will help you:

  • Recognize in yourself and intentionally develop these leadership aspects
  • Know when and how to bring them forth
  • Enhance your capacity to use them in service of your heart’s purpose and your expression in the world

Find out more and download the eBook here


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